Native American History

Mid-Term Exam Study Guide

Three of the following questions will be on the exam and you will choose one of them. Be prepared to write a well-organized essay answering it. Remember that you need to include a thesis in your introductory paragraph and use the body of the essay to provide evidence supporting that thesis

1. Discuss Native societies of the Western Hemisphere before 1600. What levels of development had been reached by Native peoples at the time Columbus came to America?

2. How effectively were the native peoples of the Americas able to resist European colonization and conquest? Why?

3. Compare Spanish, French, and English patterns of contact with Native Americans. How did different goals and types of colonization affect the success or failure of relations with Native groups? How did Native responses to European activities affect the direction that colonies took?

4. What does the removal of the Choctaw, Cherokee,Chickasaw, Creek, and Seminole to Indian Territory in the 1830s represent in the evolution of English/American views towards Native Americans? How does "removal" reflect the continuation, evolution, and/or departure from previous Anglo-American strategies for "dealing with? Native groups during the 1600-1850 period?