J. Kelly Robison

The Third Wave of Immigration

  1. Causes
    1. Economic Motivations
      1. Economic Problems in Europe
      2. Factory Work in the US
    2. Religious
  2. The New Face of Immigration
    1. First Stage of 3rd Wave - (1865-1890)
      1. Northern/Western Europe
      2. Chinese
    2. Second Stage of 3rd Wave - (1890-1920)
      1. Southern/Eastern Europe
  3. Getting Here and Staying Here
    1. The Crossing
    2. Integration
      1. Customs Centers
      2. Benevolent Societies
    3. Nativism

Identification Terms:

Ellis Island ethnic communities nativism
ethnic composition

Essay Questions:

Who were the "new" immigrants and how did they differ from the "old" immigrants? To what extent were they "pushed" out of their native countries or "pulled" to the United States?

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